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eQ coaches advise CEO’s, Corporate Directors and Senior Leaders on Governance, Business Strategy, Accountability, Improved Operating Numbers, People and Culture issues.

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Our experienced eQ coaches offer a wide range of services.

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People Strategies

Most entrepreneurs struggle with their people strategies. The people who started off with the entrepreneur may not be the best to take the business to the second and third level. Even the entrepreneur needs to stay ahead of the curve to manage a fast growing business. An experienced eQ coach can evaluate the people and help in identifying new resources at each stage of the growth.

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Business Planning and Review

Startups are famous for making plans and then not meeting them! An experienced eQ coach can work closely with the entrepreneur and the top management team to develop an achievable business plan and more importantly, hold quarterly reviews. This will ensure that the entrepreneur and leadership team is held accountable for what they commit in each quarter.

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Good Governance Practices

All Startups should normally be started with the objective of building a strong and stable business which can mature into an institution. An experienced eQ coach will ensure that the entrepreneur will build good governance and transparent practices in the organisation.

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Fund Raising

While most startups are looking for funding from Angel Investors and Private Equity Investors, there is a large opportunity for raising funds from banks though debt and working capital financing. An experiences eQ coach with a strong finance senior background will bring in much needed contacts and experience to reach out to the banking system.

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External Relations

Most businesses, irrespective of the sector they are addressing, need a strong connect with the external world. These connections could be with bureaucrats, politicians, environmental activists or the local councillor. An experienced eQ coach will have the patience to support in handling these external challenges. This could also include developing a strong public relations contact programme with the print and visual media.

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Legal Processes

In addition to hiring legal help during formation and fund raising, most businesses are faced with a lot of legal challenges. Once again, an older and more experienced eQ coach will bring wisdom in handling such matters. Which cases to pursue and which ones to drop is a critical decision to save valuable managerial time, resources and of course, money.

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Playbook/ Standard Operating Procedures

In the hurry to get started, very often standard operating procedures get lost in the detail. These need to put in place very early in the game so that mistakes are not repeated. An experienced eQ coach will be able to help put in place such a manual/ playbook that would serve the company well into the long term.

Every startup entrepreneur who has a dream believes that he has an excellent idea and that raising money should not be a problem. Yet I have seen that getting adequate money to sustain a project is possibly the single most important challenge faced by any entrepreneur.

Ashutosh Garg Founder, eQ

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